Object Oriented Programming using Java Technology

About the Java7 Course

In this core developmental course, you'll learn and practice essential computer science concepts using the Java programming language.

You'll learn about Object Oriented Programming, a technique that allows you to use code written by other programmers in your own programs.

You'll put your new Java programming skills eagerly to the test by solving real-world challenges faced by software engineers.

Core Java Training Course Prerequisite

  • No prior programming experience and knowledge is assumed or needed. 
  • Beginners welcome!

Target Industry Role

Java Developer

Core Java 7 Syllabus                                     

  • Introduction to Java

Basic Concepts of OOPs

Java Features


Details about working of Java Virtual Machine

  • Classes and Objects

Creating main in a separate class

Methods with parameters and Return type

Passing Objects as parameters

Passing values to methods and constructor

  • Data Types, Operators, Tokens

Data Types

Mixing Data Types

Keywords - Access Modifiers, Non Access  Modifiers

Operators - Arithmetic, Relational, Logical and bit-wise

Operator Precedence in Java

  • Control Structures & Looping

If...else statements

Nesting of if...else statement

Switch statement

Loops: while, do while, for

Use of break and continue

  • Arrays & Strings

Accessing array elements

Iterating over array

Multi-dimensional array

StringBuffer & StringBuilder

  • Inheritance & Polymorphism

Method Overloading & Method Overriding

Multiple Inheritance

Interfaces and Abstract Classes

Inheritance within interfaces

  • Advanced Interfaces concepts

More about interface and Multiple Inheritance

User-defined packages

  • Collections Framework

Working with ArrayList, LinkedList,Stack and Queue

Map:: HashMap, HashSet, TreeSet and TreeMap

Using Iterators and Enumerations

Comparable and Comparator

  •  Exception Handling

What is Exception and handling exception

Compile time errors & Run time errors

try…catch finally

Throwing an Exception

Creating and Using Your Own Exception Classes

  • I/O Packages & File Handling

I/O Streams

How Files and Streams Work

Standard Streams: Character Streams and Byte oriented streams

File and Wrapper Classes

  • Multi-threading

Thread Life cycle

Advantages of multithreading over multi-tasking

Thread Creation using Thread and Runnable interface

Synchronized threads & Methods

  • Infrastructure Requirement
    • Laptop or Desktop
    • Min 512Kbps to 1 Mbps Bandwidth either Broadband or 3G/4G.
    • Good Headset and Camera(Laptop)
    • Chrome Browser or Mozilla
    • Operating System : Windows XP / Windows 7/ Windows Server 2000/2003
    • Eclipse Express Edition 2008/2010/2012 
    • MS Word

Key Features

Total course Duration:   80 Hours

- Online Sessions on world class E-Platform: 44 hours

- Assignment working with guidance & evaluation: 20 hours

- Face to Face training session: 16 hours

- Project: Applying the Core Java concepts in project development





Mr. M R Vishwanath


IT Experience:  Robust knowledge with affluent experience in directing & enhancing Learning & Development – IT and an IT professional with rich 22 years in IT – Project/ Delivery Management / Team Management and Training & Development with National & International exposure at various organizations

Contributed as: Visionary leader with multi-faceted experience in multi-cultural & global exposure in cross–functional areas - Learning & Development – IT & executing full life-cycle IT development projects in   ramping-up projects within time, budget & quality parameters, as per project management & best practices guidelines