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    Hello, welcome to my Blog.


    • I am a versatile business management leader, with more than 25 years of experience in setting up & managing businesses across diverse range of industry domains. Have handled varied roles like Sales & Marketing, Business Planning, New product development & deployments, Business Development, Channel Management, and Strategic Alliances, Operations Management, Customer Experience Management, P&L Management.
    • l had started my Management Consulting Practice in 2014 and providing -Management Consulting, Business Coaching & Corporate Training  services .To strengthen the corporate training practice, I have  collaborated with a team of  industry experts. These Industry experts/ Management Professionals   have  been involved  in training freshers ,new recruits  at colleges & organizations and have  been part of  various campus recruitment drives.

    I would be blogging about   the fundamental  skills  that  are required for the graduate/post graduate student community – Do you have the right skills for the  transition from Campus2Corporate ?

    Let us look at the top three skills

    Parameters Campus Corporate
    Ecosystem & Change in Mindset Follow a Fixed syllabus. Students are in reactive mode. Need to be proactive, handle ambiguity, adapt quickly and become a value added team member faster.
    Communication style Not organized & use lot of emotions & feelings in our communication Organized , direct & formal . It has to be short/crisp & to the point.
    Structure of Communication Unstructured- use of slang, short cuts/codes We should follow a structure LSRW- Listening-45%,speaking-30%,reading-9% & writing-16%


    In the corporate ecosystem we should listen actively, comprehend the information shared, analyze & respond . Where-as in the Campus environment we hear & seldom listen and we are in a hurry to respond /cut off  the conversation  of your friend.

    You need to be trained for delivering  effective presentation  in business meetings &  to develop business etiquette skills.

    • Equipped with the dual skills of industry & campus recruitment  experience, we impart skills & training to the students on technical, soft skills, team building, verbal ability, aptitude, interview facing & group discussion, resume builder services to the Engineering,MBA,MCA students, Colleges (General Graduation & PG ) .

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