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Communication & Branding Training Solutions

  1. Basics of Communications LSRW – One way, two way communication etc.. theory & practicals.
  2. Group Discussions, mock interview sessions. Theory & practicals
  3. Online Branding Basics / Video  Resume –  Concept,  sample contents & templates – Theory & hands-on demonstration .
  4. Intro on Domains, hosting etc..  With this the students can practice on free website builder and once  they  have gained some experience , they  can  book domain & hosting from a service provider and build their own website .

What are the value benefits of the Communication & Branding Training to students?

  • There are around 10-12 Million students who graduate every year.
  • Many  final year students  are not good at English communication, because they are used to  social media communication trends. They would not be confident to  face the interviews, as they would struggle to  form a sentence & communicate clearly , even though they may have the subject knowledge.
  • Any final year student would like to get recruited in the Campus interviews. However, many corporates are not coming over to tier2/ tier3 colleges or towns for recruitment or even if they come over they would like to recruit the candidates with good communication skills.
  • This workshop would enhance the students  communication skills  required for facing the interview. The Video CV helps them to add images of their projects done, their guides  video recommendation, industrial mentors  video recommendation , images of their industrial project etc..
  • They could also shoot a video to demonstrate their communication skills by talking about their project, areas of interest etc..This will help the students to brand themselves in this competitive world.
  • A prospective employer   could get an insight about the candidates –communication skills, areas of interest, project done and the recommendation of their guides & mentors. This would increase the chances of their employment.

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